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John's Weather-Watcher
christchurch, new  zealand

weather station

Building the Weather Station

I've had a weather station for several years, but over time things started to fail. The last thing to go was the indoor display, and it was going to cost me $150.00 for a new one. With my interest in Arduino it was a no-brainer to make my own weather station.

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Forecasting the Weather ... !!

comic weather station

Building a Letta - Lerta

What on earth is a Letta - Lerta?

A Letta - Lerta is a device that alerts you to when there is mail inside your letterbox. We have a long driveway with a bend in it, so we can't see the letterbox. I decided that rather than walking down there several times on mail day to check the box I needed to come up with an electronic solution, and so the Letta - Lerta project was born.

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