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Feels Like To estimate the “Feels like” temperature, in colder weather “wind-chill” is calculated to account for the coolness of the wind as it removes heat from us.

In warmer weather an “apparent temperature” is calculated accounting for the sultriness we feel when our perspiration is unable to cool us down efficiently on a warm muggy day.

There is a roll-over between 10ºC and 14ºC from the wind chill formula to the apparent temperature.

The calculations take into account air temperature, wind speed, and humidity.

- NZ MetService

Dew Point The Dew Point temperature combines both air temperature and relative humidity into a single number expressed in degrees.

It's the temperature to which air must be cooled in order to produce condensation (dew).

It represents how much moisture is in the air: the higher the dew point temperature, the greater the atmospheric moisture content.

The dew point directly affects how "comfortable" it will feel outside.
  • A dew point of 10°C feels pretty dry.

  • 14° - 15°C is noticeably muggy.

  • 20°C or over is extremely humid.

  • A dew point of 25°C is dangerous.

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