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Hello - I'm John (see below), and the owner of the weather station. The station is located in Christchurch, New Zealand, which is in the middle of the east coast of the South Island. My wife and I live in a street named Oakmont Green - hence the website address.

The weather station has been designed and put together by me, and so has this website. I'm intending to have it all running with "live" data between 8:00am and 9:00pm local time each day.

NZ Standard Time is UTC+12.

The weather station is in three separate parts.

  • The instruments on the roof wired up to an Arduino Nano microcontroller
  • The PC which receives a signal from the Arduino every 8 seconds and processes it.
  • This website which displays the weather data.

(For full technical details, click "Tech Stuff" on the menu bar).


About Me

My two hobbies are electronics and computers.

My interest in electronics started when I was 13 years old, when my grandmother gave me an electronics kit for my birthday. I was instantly hooked, and electronics was my hobby for the next 20 something years until the micro computer revolution arrived about 1980.

ZX81 computer
Spectrum computer

At that point I bought a Sinclair ZX81, followed a year later by a Sinclair Spectrum. My philosophy was that you shouldn't own a computer if you couldn't program it, so I taught myself Z80 machine language, and I was soon creating exciting arcade games.

In 1990 I bought my first PC. It was a 286 with 2mb of RAM and a 40mb hard drive. (Anyone remember those days?!). It had Turbo Pascal on it and I taught myself to program in that language. Later, I took on a 3 month programming contract, creating the office systems in Microsoft Access. I stayed with the company for the rest of my working life - 20 years! During that time we moved from DOS, through various Windows iterations, to a completely web based system. (How times change!).

Upon retirement I discovered Arduino which is a microcontroller and it combines programming skills (C/C++) as well as electronics skills, so I have come full circle.